Correcting Aluminum Wire

If you have a home that was built in the 60’s and 70’s there is a good chance your electrical system was wired with aluminum conductors.  Now you are probably wondering why the Under Writers laboratories would permit the use of aluminum conductors and why contractors would use them.  During this era in our history the cost of Copper wires escalated very high due to the demand for copper because of its use for military purposes.  This caused contractors to utilize less expensive methods  and so contractors turned to aluminum.

Problems arose with aluminum wire because it has an expansion and contraction rate which is different compared to copper in addition to some contractors who didn’t have the proper training improperly installed aluminum wiring with many homes. When you use aluminum wire there are a whole new set of rules and procedures to follow to ensure a safe installation and application.  Today aluminum wire is still used in the electrical industry for larger feeders to panels, equipment, and large appliances but not in smaller branch circuitry for example your home’s receptacles, switches, and other devices.

Due to incorrect installation of aluminum wire and the negligence of preventative maintenance there have been fires that were reportedly caused due to an electrical connection with aluminum wire.  This lead to TV shows that took that information and warned homeowners of the potential dangers.  When the insurance companies got word of this they became fearful and sometimes wouldn’t insure a home that has aluminum wiring or they would make the homeowner pay a higher insurance premium.

How can Forward Electric, the Electrician San Diego help?  Forward Electric’s skilled electricians are trained experts at rewiring older homes and bringing them up to current code.  They have the knowledge and skills to do the job right and get it done in the most efficient manner.  If you suspect your home was wired with aluminum conductors don’t delay call us today to get the matter resolved.  The safety of you and your family should not be compromised have your electrical system checked today.

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Correcting Aluminum Wire