San Diego Electrician Rewires Older Homes

Just like updating a kitchen or bathroom, your electrical system is something that should be updated as well. Many homes older than 30 years old just were not made for today’s modern day appliances and when you begin to bring those appliances into your home your electrical system struggles to keep up with the demand. You might find that your breakers will be gin to trip, or fuses begin to blow, maybe you just don’t have enough electrical receptacles installed within your home, or possibly you have to use 3 prong adapters because your receptacles only have 2 slots and do not have the ground connection. Whatever you have going on there is local remedy and that is picking up the phone and calling Forward Electric!

Forward Electric is an expert in modernizing and rewiring older homes and will bring life back to your electrical system. Their trained experts will find the best possible means and methods to install the wiring that will cause the least amount of disruption to your busy lifestyle.  They will leave your home with a modernized electrical system capable of handling today’s electrical demands as well as leaving no mess or extra work to be performed to your walls or ceilings.

We take great satisfaction in rewiring older homes and making them better for our customers and it shows.  It is common for us to go into a neighborhood and rewire one home and end up doing a few more homes on the same street because the 1st homeowner was so delighted with our work they spread the good word to everyone they knew.  If feels good to know the new electrical system we are installing in our customer’s homes not only creates a lifestyle upgrade their new electrical system is also going to make it safer for them and their families.

The benefits of rewiring your home will not only make it a more convenient and economical system but will also make it safer for you and your family.  Safety is a number one priority at Forward Electric and we believe that safety is not a luxury so we provide options to help our customers afford an electrical system improvement.

If you have an older home and would like to learn more call us today!!!

Forward Electric is a locally owned and operated licensed, bonded, and insured electrical contractor who specializes in residential and commercial electrical repair and new installation services.  Our electricians are the industries best and we train and test them extensively to ensure we are always ahead of our competitors in providing superior electrical services.  When you choose Forward Electric rest assured you will be provided with professional expert help that will educate and guide you so that you can make the decision that is right for you.  We can handle any electrical issue and our goal is to satisfy our customers by providing you with quality craftsmanship and excellent services.  Make the right move; go Forward!

Older Home Rewire